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With what frequency should you schedule your commercial cleaning service ?

What is the best frequency to schedule an office cleaning service?   Is it weekly, bi weekly cleaning or Monthly?. The best answer Brilliant Clean Services can offer is as regular as your business needs it. The factors that can contribute to how often an office building, office or small office should be cleaned included,



How many people work in the facility?  Do you have vendors or visitors at your location on a daily basis. The more people interacting in your facility or office can warrant more cleaning visits from your cleaning company or janitorial provider.

Size Of Business/office/building

Are you a small business office. Small offices may required 2 times per month cleaning.   Is the office a medical office? Typically, medical offices are cleaned on a daily basis due to foot traffic and   Again, the latter would require a larger quantity of deep cleanings.

Time Of Year

Cold and flu season would spawn the need for additional sanitizing cleans. Winter season with rain, snow, and foot traffic can generate the need for extra cleaning.

In conclusion, how often you schedule your office cleaning service depends on a combination of things.  Many offices and business spaces choose to have their offices cleaned on a quarterly basis. Furthermore, some high traffic medical offices might have their buildings deep cleaned on a monthly basis.  Let Brilliant Clean Service offer an honest guidance for your particular scenario.

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